Firstly we are an AWESOME bunch of people!  And so are you for checking out our NEW website!


We all have a passion for the art of PHOTOGRAPHY,  we love to share ideas and encourage each other.  We are so proud of the images our members have made....

We have many members with a range of skills, from just-starting-out keen amateurs, through to internationally renowned professionals.  


Our club is cooperative and we love our members to get involved, make suggestions and be an integral part of Taupo Camera Club


We aim to......

  • Encourage learning - support members to learn and advance their skills!

  • Inspire photographers to step outside of the box and take a chance!

  • Support and challenge each other!

  • Enjoy the art of photography and all it has to offer!

BUT Most of all we aim to have a lot of FUN!


We are an affiliated member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand .


Our club meeting are held every month on the third Thursday at 7.00 pm.  

We meet at the Central Plateau REAP Centre

(73 Titiraupenga Street, Taupo)




First mention of the Taupo Camera Club in the PSNZ cashbook in September 27th 1957.  The affiliation fees were 4 pound and 11 shillings.

The Annual General Meeting of the Taupo Camera Club held in the Secondary School on November 26th 1958 at 8.00pm. A President elected was J. W. Desmond and the Past President

F. A. Tier so when did the Camera Club start as no records has been found.

There was another meeting on December 10th 1958 that had mention from the Treasurer report the club is in a flourishing condition with a substantial credit Balance.

The General Meeting held in the staffroom at the Taupo D.H.S. 25th February 1959 the following accounts to be passed for payments to:

P.S.N.Z. - Three Pounds, six shillings.

Taupo Times – Nine Shillings

A Meeting on the 20th May 1959 – that donation of Three Pounds be forwarded to the Taupo

D. H. S. to cover rent.  It was decided to pay the school Three Shillings per hour during the winter term when electric heater would be in use.

 9th March 1960 meeting held at Taupo Primary School – One subscription - One Pound One Shilling and there were 12 supper subs came to Eighteen Shillings - total Thirty nine Shillings

6th April 1960 meeting at the Taupo Primary School – a discussion on running of club competitions and should be elected judges for the year. Mr. T. Hawes and Mr. D. Chandler

At the same time there was an Interclub Competition called Triangular between Mangakino, Tokoroa and Taupo. This Competition was from 1959 to 1973, it could have started earlier.

The 6th July 1960 at the meeting that all entries for the Senior Class to correctly mounted in standard mounts and not less than 8 x 6 for Black & White and that the colour transparencies to be mounted in glass. If the entries are not mounted they will automatically loose 10 marks for presentation.


  Charlie Robert Leslie was born in England in 1893. He was a policeman in Chaibasa in India. In the early 1920's  he returned to England.  His wife and 2 daughters sailed to Australia where they stayed a short time before  arriving in New Zealand in 1928. In 1935 they returned to England and he was occupied designing dust covers for books. War came 1941 and he was involved with Royal Air Expeditionary forces. He remained in this work until 1946 then once more sailed for New Zealand with his family. The family settled     in Marton. He started a radio repair shop. After his wife died he decided to make his last home in Taupo. He was in Taupo for 17 years from 1949 – 196. He was Vice President of Taupo art Society. In October 9th 1960 Charlie R. Leslie joined the Taupo Camera Club. He was President in 1963, 1964 and 1965. He wrote various articles on photography, was an expert boat builder and a clever radio engineer. Charlie was a regular contributor to NZ Camera with his familiar canvas hat and cameras. Also he was well known for his       Tabletop Photography.  He died in December 1966.  Charlie Robert Leslie presented the B Grade Annual Aggregate Cup started in 1961.                


The Annual General Meeting 15th November 1967. It was decided the fees should be $4.50 Double, $3.00 Single and $1.50 Junior (Under 21).

At the Annual General Meeting Tuesday 2nd December that Eric Vickers proposed that the supper sub of 15 cents remain the same.

There were no records from 1974 to 1977 and also no cups were engraved at this period. The club went into recess and in August 1977 Warwick Keys with the help of Jean Bygate started the Taupo Camera Club again. The club met every first and third Thursday of the month


The Hatmak Photography Shop opened in 1962 at 27 Heu Heu Street, Taupo and was only there for a few years. Then it moved to 21 Heu Heu Street where it was sold November 1984 owned by Howard & Margaret Kidd. The shop held a lot of meetings which helped the Taupo Camera Club.

Margaret Kidd was made a Life Member for her support to the Taupo Camera Club.


Henry Hope-Cross in his early twenties was an assistant Photographer Universal Studio's for Hei Tiki film at Omori. 

This film was made 1935. Shortly after that he was married and went to Masterton to live. He started a Studio &

Retail Shop business. After the war he was told to go back to his business which he did but went into partnership

with Peter Richardson. The business was very successful.

Henry became the Technical Sales Director of Agfa from 1956 to 1972. They lived in Wellington for a short time

and then the whole family moved to Auckland. In 1972 he retired to Taupo. Henry Hope Cross was on the Camera

Club Committee in 1978. 

In September 1982 he died at the age of 70.

There is a Henry Hope-Cross Memorial Trophy which started in 1984 it was called the Four Corners Competition–

Turangi, Tirau, Tokoroa and Taupo an Inter-club Competition.

Now it is Five way Inter-club Competition between Taupo, Rotorua, Cambridge, Matamata and  Te Awamutu.  

Unfortunately Tokoroa began South Waikato and they pulled out of the Competition which was a pity as they were

there right in the beginning.  Their last time was 2011


In 1990 NZ Centennial Celebrations the Club members took photos for inclusion in “Time Capsule” which is buried in the South Domain behind the Super Loo.


The Taupo Camera Club was given a project by Karen Williams from the Library - Heritage 2000. Suzanne Dickens organized  Club members who want to take photos of different areas of Taupo.

            Audrey Veale               Waipahihi & Rifle Range & Council etc

            Annette Bishop           Schools & Boat Harbour

            Chris Potter                 Tauranga Taupo & Turangi Town & Waitetoko.

            Suzanne Dickens        Armstrong House &  Turangi/Tokaanu & Control Gate Bridge.

            Margaret Kidd             Oruanui Church & Storey Place

            Thomas Catley            Churches

            Jean Bygate                 AC & De Bretts Baths

            Alison Price                 Acacia Bay & Mokai Church

            Thomas Catley            Schools & Hospitals

            Ray Maxwell               Spa & Suncourt & De Bretts

These photos were put on display in the Taupo Library in 2001.


In 2006 Gregg Sheehan became President which was the start of the transition period from film to digital. He spent a lot of his own time at reduced cost in changing the equipment.  This was a new era for the club which took time for members to understand it. With the Adobe Photoshop CS2 and other programmes out, Gregg with his computer business and IT experience helped many club members with the changes. 


At different events in Taupo – the Camera club has been asked to take photos of – Iron Man and Cycle Challenge also the House of the Year Awards.

At present 2013 we have memberships of 32 and 7 prospective which is very good.



Novice Annual Aggregate  - Geoff Hughes Memorial Cup – started in 1998

B Grade Annual Aggregate Presented by C.R. Leslie – started in 1961

A Grade Annual Aggregate, Colour Print – Presented by Mr & Mrs J. Scanlon – started in 1960

A Grade Annual Aggregate, Monochrome Print – Presented by Mr J. Scanlon – started in 1960

A Grade Annual Aggregate, Slide Cup – The Charles Leslie Cup.

From 2004 the aggregate competition for the year went out, so these trophies/cups are not in use but all records and cups have kept.

6 Monthly Colour Printed Presented by D. Chandler – started in 1960

6 Monthly Open Slides Presented By D. Aldworth – started in 1960 – the cup was replaced with a Shield in 2007

6 Monthly Open Monochrome – started in 1963

The Champion Print – Black & White Cup Presented by Mr & Mrs K.S. Smith – started in 1960

The Champion Colour Print Trophy – started in 1989

The Champion Slide Cup Presented by R.J. Maxwell – started in 1983

All records have been kept.


Taupo Camera Club - National Competition

In 1981 Waikato Cup for winning Northern Regional Inter-club Print Competition.

In 1988 Bowron Landscape Trophy PSNZ – Landscape Inter-club Slide Competition.


President PSNZ

1986 – 1987    Mrs. J Bygate Hon PSNZ ESFIAP

Life Member PSNZ


National Conventions

1961                Taupo (Waikato PS)

1981                Taupo (Combined with Taupo, Tokoroa, Tirau) held at Taupo-nui-a-tia College

1989                Taupo – Memorial Hall

1998                Taupo – Great Lake Centre


Northern Regional Convention

1986                Taupo


Life Member Taupo Camera Club                                                                 

Jean Bygate Hon PSNZ ESFIAP – (FIAP) Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographique

Suzanne Dickens LPSNZ/QSM

Margaret Kidd


Taupo PSNZ Honours Recipients

John Boyd Hon FPSNZ            APSNZ             1973

Suzanne Dickens                     LPSNZ              1998



No club can exist without the help and support of its members, and there are always a few outstanding people amongst us. 

We recognise these individuals and the contributions they have made with lifetime memberships!


  * Jean Bygate  

  * Suzanne Dickens

  * Margaret Kidd


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